SSC Exam Result 2020 Published Date – Of All Education Board

SSC Exam Result 2020 Published Date:  Secondary School Certificate (SSC) a really important step for each single student in Bangladesh. Not only students actually, this exam matters for all the guardians needless to say. That’s why, because the eaxm result publishing day is approaching, students and guardians are getting curious. This year 2020 the curiosity is within the pick due to the novel coronavirus. This pandemic just made everything stop, and since of that, students are wanting to know that, when their result are going to be published. most significantly, they need to understand how their result are going to be published. So to satisfy all of your thrust, we are scripting this article. I hope it’ll add your favor.

SSC Result 2020

Education Board Notice For SSC Result 2020

As immediately, we all are within the threat of novel coronavirus, that’s why the education board decided to try to to something different. They requested to all or any the guardians of examinees to send their mobile numbers to the education board. Thus the education board will send the result to every of the guardian’s mobile numbers respectively.

This process is completed, just to avoid public gathering. We hope you recognize what proportion risk it’s to stay present during a public gathering.

SSC Exam Result Published Date

When published SSC Result 2020?

If we aren’t wrong then most likely all the SSC students for this part. That’s quite obvious also. therefore the thing is, the common system of the Bangladesh education board is that they publish the result within 3 months of the exam. therefore the previous result publishing date of SSC Result 2020  was 6th May 2020. But now we all skills things are going. It became tough to maneuver from one place to a different, so you can’t expect to urge the result within the expected time. most likely the result publishing date are going to be postponed for this pandemic. But we hope to urge it as soon as possible.


How to submit SSC Exam Candidate’s Guardian’s personal mobile number on the respective education board website?

As we shared a notice from the education board that the result are going to be sent to the guardians. That’s why it’s important to form all the institutions realize the method of sending their number to the education board. We won’t waste some time, here we share the method. Please confirm you save this page otherwise you write the whole process.

  • Very firstly you ought to attend the intermediate and education website of your board.
  • Then it’s time to travel to the institution related menu.
  • Then type your account id and password.
  • Then you’ll see an option named ‘examinee  mobile number’.
  • Now you’ve got to submit all the numbers of the guardians which you collected previously.
  • In the previous stage, just click on the submit button. Thus the education board will get all the guardians numbers of your candidates institution.


How to Check SSC result 2020?

We are within the last section of our article. Here we’ll make our students and guardians know that how they ought to collect their results. The thing is, you’ll collect your result from three different sources. the primary one is ‘SMS’, secondly ‘website’ and thirdly ‘app’. you’ll choose any of them and collect your result. Let’s not cause you to wait anymore. Here we share the method of collecting results from of these three sources.

SSC Result 2020 by SMS– this is often the only way. This process doesn’t need any internet connection or maybe you won’t need a smartphone also. All you would like to try to to is simply A few things and send them to a selected number. So what are the items and numbers? Here they’re –

At first type your board SSC/Dakhil. We mean type consistent with your exam type. Then provides a space and sort the primary three letters of your education board. for instance, if your board name is Sylhet, then type SYL. then, by giving space type your roll number once more provides a space and sort 2020. That’s it. Now all you would like to try to to is simply send it to 16222.

We know that each one of you’re students so we are giving a pure example of a text-

SSC (Board Name)  (Roll Number)  2020 and then send it to 16222.

SSC Result 2020 by Apps– If you attend the play store, you’ll find several apps that share the SSC Result. you only need to download any of them and provides the needed information. Once you click on the submit button they’re going to share your SSC Result 2020.

SSC Result 2020 By Online (Website)– most likely that’s the foremost renowned process of collecting the SSC result. during this process, you’ll need a lively internet connection and a smartphone. All you would like to try to to is simply attend and provides your information. Once you’ll submit your information, your result are going to be shown on the web site. aside from this website, you’ll get an SSC Result 2020 from another website also.


Also Check This website list for getting  SSC Result 2020.

These are the websites where you’ll get your result. Though you’ve got to offer a number of your information. you’ve got to type your examination type, year, board, Roll Number, license number, solve an easy equation, then submit it.

That’s all about the SSC Result 2020. We hope, the result are going to be published as soon as possible.

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