Banglalink Balance Check

Have you forgotten how to check Banglalink balance? Don’t worry, I’ll help you, how to check your forgotten Banglalink SIM balance. Knowing your mobile balance at the right time is very important information for you. Many people do not know how to check the balance of the mobile, so you have to face various problems during this time.

Today, I will try to solve this issue with all the necessary information for all my Banglalink user friends. Let’s quickly know the details of this subject without delay. After reading this article, also you can easily check the mobile balance of all operators in Bangladesh.


How to Check Banglalink Balance?

Banglalink has a lot of users after GP. It has been providing various discounts to the valuable users. Check out the mobile balance of BL is straightforward. Users can check Banglalink mobile balance by dialing *124#. Emergency balance of Banglalink is added to main balance. So there is no difference between these. The same code will be worked for advanced balance.

All Banglalink Balance Checking USSD Code:

Banglalink Balance check*124#
Banglalink Emergency Balance check*124#
Banglalink Number check*511#
Banglalink Internet Balance check*5000*500# or *124*3#
Banglalink Emergency Internet*875*0#
Banglalink Minute Check*124*2#
Banglalink SMS Pack Check*124*3#
Banglalink MMS Check*124*2#
Banglalink Customer Care Number121
Source: Banglalink

Now, We will talk about some other mobile operator’s balance checking USSD code

GP Balance Check

Grameenphone is widely known as GP in Bangladesh. It is the largest telecom operator in Bangladesh. If you are a GP SIM holder and like to check your mobile balance, you have to dial a USSD code to check your GP mobile balance. The USSD Code is *566#

All GP Balance Checking USSD Code:

GP Balance Check*566#
GP Emergency Balance Check*121*1*2#
GP Number Check*2#
GP Internet Balance Check*121*1*4#
GP Minute Check*121*1*2#
GP SMS Check*566*2# or *121*1*2#
GP MMS Check*566*14#
GP Customer Care Number121
Source: Grameenphone

Robi Balance Check

Robi is one of the oldest mobile operators in Bangladesh. Robi, previously known as Aktel. If you are a Robi SIM holder and like to check your mobile balance, you have to dial a USSD code to check your Robi mobile balance. The USSD Code is *222#

All Robi Balance Checking USSD Code:

Robi Balance Check*222#
Robi Emergency Balance Check*222*16#
Robi Number Check*140*2*4#
Robi Internet Balance Check*8444*88# Or *222*81#
Robi Minute Check*222*3#
Robi SMS Check*222*11#
Robi MMS Check*222*13#
Robi Customer Care Number121
Source: Robi

Airtel Balance Check

Airtel company is brand new company in Bangladesh. It is an Indian Multinational Company which provides telecom services. Airtel is previously known as Warid. As a new telecom company, Airtel has been doing very well. The number of customers has been increasing incredibly. If you are a Airtel SIM holder and like to check your mobile balance, you have to dial a USSD code to check your airtel mobile balance. The USSD Code is *778#

All Airtel Balance Checking USSD Code:

Airtel Balance check*778#
Airtel Emergency Balance Check*141*10#
Airtel Number Check*121*6*3#
Airtel Internet balance check*8444*88#
Airtel Minute Check*778*8#
Airtel SMS Pack Check*778*2#
Airtel MMS Check*222*13#
Airtel Customer Care Number121
Source: Airtel

Teletalk Balance Check

Teletalk is the government’s own telecom operator of Bangladesh. For different purpose like admission form, result checking, job applications Teletalk mobile operator is widely used. The company is always think about the local users, and provide a lot of facilities. If you are a Teletalk SIM holder and like to check your mobile balance, you have to dial a USSD code to check your teletalk mobile balance. The USSD Code is *152#. Users can also check balance sending message. Go to the message option and type U then send it to 111. You will be notified as soon as possible.

All Teletalk Balance Checking USSD Code:

Teletalk Balance Check*152#
Teletalk Emergency Balance Check*1122#
Teletalk Number CheckType “Tar” & send to 222
Teletalk Internet Balance Check*152#
Teletalk Minute Check*152#
Teletalk SMS Check*152#
Teletalk MMS Check*152#
Teletalk Customer Care Number121
Source: Teletalk

All Banglalink balance checking codes are also covered here. I think there will be no problem with Banglalink balance check and also another mobile operator balance check. If you run into any problems, please let us know. We will reply to the comment quickly.

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